Expertise in Radio, Access, Switching


Our repair service supports the following technologies:

  • Radio:
  • Power and Energy Systems:
  • Rectifiers, Converters, Power Supplies, etc.
  • Data Switching, Access and Transmission:
  • DWDM, CWDM, SDH, PDH (Microwave), Ethernet, Optical Fiber, etc.
ESD + Testing Environment

Equipment Sales

Our equipment sales service is a valuable alternative for network operators with critical network needs:

  • Our inventory covers all technologies and across all major OEMs
  • We offer short lead times
  • All equipment comes with standard guarantee
  • We offer fast worldwide shipment
  • Customized packaging per customer specifications


How our Asset Management Service works

+30 Years Engineering Experience

Asset Management

Our Asset Management Service can help reduce OPEX and CAPEX by reusing your surplus or decommissioned telecom assets. Our service comprises:

  • Redeployment: creating inventory from surplus or decommissioned equipment to be redeployed in other networks. This offers operators a substantial savings per annum by avoiding the need to buy new equipment by reusing existing assets.
  • Remarketing: (under an agreed revenue share model) remarket surplus assets to other international telecom oerators, OEMs and other procurers.
  • Recycling – generate a significant revenue stream be disposing of antiquated “non-valued” assets in compliance with local and state recycling requirements.

In addition to the financial benefits an operator gains through the sale of their assets, our Asset Management service also “frees-up” storage space in their warehouse facilities, significantly reducing their operating expenses.

International Sales Teams

Spare Parts Management

Our Spare Parts Management Service is a proven multi-vendor delivery platform which includes equipment repair and refurbishment, inventory management and first-class logistics.

Our SPMR&L service:

  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Simplifies and automates the processes of spare parts management
  • Time critical storage and warehousing is managed based on an operator´s network requirements
  • SLA´s are monitored closely to ensure a timely and efficient flow of spares to the field

How our Spare Parts Management Service works

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