At DELTACOMGROUP we strive to reduce the cost of operations of our customers by extending the lifetime of our customers network infrastructure equipment and extending the useful lifetime of their equipment, thus reducing their capital investments and reducing their operational budgets. We are committed to provide timely and cost efficient products and services to our customers while continuously looking for ways to improve our processes. We will strive to adhere to all norms and requirements as set forth by the ISO9001 quality specifications.

DELTACOMGROUP shall have measurement parameters which will be reviewed for Environment, Quality and Management System improvement.

From the environmental point of view, we commit ourselves to:

  • Protection of the Environment (minimization of consumption and generated waste)
  • Compliance with legal requirements and other requirements that we subscribe related to our environmental aspects
  • Continuous improvement of the Management System


Management is committed to the Environmental and Quality Policy, and to all of our Business Values, and proves that commitment by:

  • Maintaining awareness of customer satisfaction among all employees;
  • Planning to achieve the Mission by providing resources and training in each area to all employees;
  • Maintaining and improving an overall Environmental and Quality System, and;
  • Reviewing the Environmental and Quality System as part of normal business operations.


Management, through the use of the established systems, ensures that Customer requirements are understood, and met, on a contract-by-contract basis. 


The Primary Processes of the organization are documented procedures and these documents are an integral part of the planning of the environmental and quality management system in order to meet customer requirements and DELTACOMGROUP’s environmental and quality improvement objectives.

Changes to the primary process descriptions are done in accordance with documented change.