Large number OEM

We repair a large number of OEM´s Telecommunication’s infrastructure equipment and IP Data systems.

Broad scope of technologies

DeltaComGroup repairs a broad scope of technologies ranging from fixed line access and routing to radio systems for mobile and fixed networks.

Madrid, Mexico and Moscow

Our current Repair Centers are located in Madrid, Mexico and Moscow.

Highly qualified engineers

Our Repair Centers are staffed by highly qualified technicians and engineers that have relevant experience in component level repair of high complexity electronic boards.

Life network environment

As part of the repair process all systems and boards are tested in a simulated live network environment.

Efficiency, quality and commitment

All DeltaComGroup´s processes are geared to provide the maximum efficiency and quality on meeting and exceeding the SLA’s agreed with our customers.


Deltacomgroup can implement repair processes for new technologies and systems on either a customer´s request or market demands within a 1 to 6 months’ time interval.

The Engineering team is distributed among various centers of excellence specialized in different technologies and is formed by highly qualified engineers with proven track record on the design of electronic boards, creation of test environments, simulation of networks and reverse engineering.

Repair service


In order to ensure a suitable working environment for the handling of electronic components and printed circuit boards, all our Operation Centers consist of protected ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge)areas, commonly referred to as EPA (ESD Protected Area). This is an area configured to minimize the ESD generation and retention during handling in the Repair Process.

In short, our intent while working in a EPA is to minimize the risk of causing damage by electrostatic discharge and therefore extend the life of the electronic boards/elements and completing the requirements of our customers.

The following measures are taken in all of our laboratories, whitin the EPA zones:

Static dissipative floorStatic dissipative floor
ESD FurnitureESD Furniture
(workbenches, chairs, shelves, tools, etc.)
ESD coat, shoes and glovesAll our technical staff works with ESD coat, shoes and gloves.
ESD bags and boxes All units are transported in ESD bags and boxes.

Tracking and reports


DeltaComGroup provides completely customized reporting including all data relevant to the customer for internal analysis and reporting.

DeltaComGroup has a real time internal traceability system so that it is possible to identify the state, location and information of every single unit at all time.

Different internal quality metrics are carried out through the traceability system so that we can assure the requirements demanded by our customers.

Manufacturers and Technologies

We provide repair service of the main OEM (Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia, Huawei, etc.) around the world including the following technologies:

  • PDH, SDH, DWDM, MicroWave.
  • XdSL Access.
  • Optical access.
  • 2G, 3G and LTE BTS Access.
  • Core and Packet Core Switching.
  • IP Data access and core routers.
  • Power systems (Eltek, SAFT, Benning, Emerson etc.).