Traditional Model

In a traditional network each operator manages the re-allocation of new or obsolete technologies within the boundaries of its own network. The picture shows the traditional model most used by operators: :

Asset Recovery Management Service

DeltaComGroup Supply Model

The picture below shows DeltaComGroup´s Supply Model. DeltaComgroup is the facilitator of the movement of goods and parts from different networks around the world. What’s obsolete in one network may still be current in other networks.

DeltaComgroup ensures it manages the purchase and sales flow helping both seller and buyer to reduce cost or increase its asset revenue.

DeltaComGroup adds value in the process by ensuring units are properly tested and returned in new condition as required by the buyer.

Asset Recovery Management Service

Our Asset Recovery Management Service maximizes the ROI on your obsolete, decommissioned and surplus network equipment. Turning dead assets into real money.

We offer Consignment programs where we actively promote and remarket your equipment to the global telecommunication market under an agreed revenue sharing model.

Asset Recovery Management Service

The de-installed equipment is stored under consignment in one of DeltaComGroup´s facilities. Deltacomgroup will make an inventory of all units down to part and serial number. The customer decides what material it needs to be returned for use in its network. DeltaComGroup will assess and advice the customer what material has market value on short and long term and what material can be directly scrapped for recycling. DeltaComGroup will proceed to remarket the equipment. Proceeds of the re-marketing will be shared according to the agreed revenue share model. For all recycled material, DeltaComGroup will provide a certificate to the customer, certifying the material has been scrapped according to local, European and global regulation on electronic waste (WEEE directives).